Rotor Oven  BABY ROTOR
The Rotor Baby oven, suitable for small and medium size pastry-shops and bakeries, is equipped with a heated and humidified proofer. For heating, liquid and gaseus fuels can be used and on request the unit can work by means of electric resistances. The heat exchanger, made of special refractory steels resistant to high temperatures, is designed to give high thermic efficiency, obtaining the best results with the minimum use of energy. All the equipment concerned with the circulation of air and the rotation of the racks is placed on the upper part of the oven, easy to reach. All maintenance operations turns out to be very semplified. The steam generators give high efficiency, are controlled by an automatic device and can be set from 0 to 60 sec. Both the outside front of the oven and the internal walls of the baking chamber are of stainless steel AISI 304, while the other external walls are of zincated and furnace painted iron. On request can be supplied of stainless steel. The control boards and electric plants are mounted according to laws and with high quality components and of firms available both in Italy and abroad

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Dimensions 98/143/208 98/143/208
Weight(kg) 420 420
Capacity 10 trays 40х60 10 trays 40х60