Dough mixer MK

Dough mixer  MK
Angular shape of the mixing arm of mixers MK enables total kneading and good aeration of the rye and mixed dough across the bowl. The kneading time can be programmed with a time relay. For former models of angular mixers (2005, 2006) we offer the complete range of spare parts and repair services including the possibility of obtaining the guarantee and the declaration of conformity with valid EU standards and directives.

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Models MK180 MK270 MK500 MK600
Dimensions 1280/800/1170 with lifted arm 1600 1400/950/1310 with lifted arm 1800 3110/1260/1580 with lifted arm 2325 3110/1310/1580 with lifted arm 2410
Weight(kg) 735 950 2075 2135
Capacity 20/120 30/180 50/350 60/400
Consumption(kW) 6 8 16 16