Water Cooler MR

 Water Cooler MR
These machines lower the temperature approx. from +15°C up to +3°C of the water to be used in the dough. The outer surface and the base are made of solid, plasticized, non-toxic, white sheet zinc. Stainless steel AISI 304 tank and internal coil. Insulation made of foamed polyurethane injected at high density into the mould. Gas used for foaming: HCFC 141 B without CFC. Refrigerating unit produced by a leading company with an oversize ventilated condenser. Equipment for automatic water loading and stirrer. Indicator of loading and unloading with graduated water easy to be read. The machine is equipped with electronic thermostat characterized by highly precise digital reading. On demand, the machine is delivered with pump for icy water, completely made of stainless steel, combined with a mixer doser and with tropicalization

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Models MR100 MR150 MR150M MR200 MR200M MR420 MR520 MR900
Dimensions 70/65/106 70/65/123 70/65/123 70/65/139 70/65/139 95/84/177 95/84/199 130/92/200
Weight(kg) 98 114 117 123 126 249 268 450
Capacity 100/100 150/120 150/150 150/100 215/200 420/380 520/380 900/530
Consumption(kW) 0,5 0,5 0,8 0,8 1 1,85 1,85 2,9