Dough mixer MSPA

Dough mixer  MSPA
The body of the mixer is made of steel, the central tool, spiral arm and protective grid and bowl are all in stainless steel. This type of mixture is suitable for bakeries and cake shops and allows for shorter working times to be obtained. The work cycle can be manual or automatic with 2 speeds, both having programmable timers. It is also possible to change the rotation of the bowl during the automatic cycle. Belt drives eliminate vibration and noise: this system gives a considerable saving in maintenance costs. The low voltage electrical system (24 volts) has an automatic protection system with a very simple control panel for use in automatic or manual mode. The automatic spiral mixer with removable bowl is equipped with automatic lifting and coupling. The drive of the bowl eliminates noise and maintenance. The mixer's two speeds enable the user to obtain a mixture which is well blended and of a high quality. The body of the mixer is made of heavy duty coated steel. Possible combination with tilting device. The mixer complies with the latest CE regulations

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Models MSPA130 MSPA160 MSPA200 MSPA250 MSPA300
Dimensions 175/103/135 195/110/145 195/110/145 201/115/145 201/115/145
Weight(kg) 894 960 1210 1270 1300
Capacity 130 kg dough 160 kg dough 200 kg dough 250 kg dough 300 kg dough
Consumption(kW) 7,75 8,2 10,6 13 13