Dough mixer NS

Dough mixer  NS
Spiral mixers MS have earned a reputation of modern bakery machines for kneading all types of dough. Implemented design approaches together with spiral shape of the mixing arm ensure intensive and efficient dough kneading and also the best possible process parameters for mixed dough by its ideal aeration, fluffing and perfect mixing of all raw materials, which takes place even with the minimum dough quantity used.

Electronic control system (delivered as a standard solution) makes it possible to program any job cycle and to store entered mixing time values in the memory. Additional feature of MS mixers is the dough temperature control. Automatic bowl & trolley pulling system facilitates mixers operating.

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Models NS45 NS85 NS130
Dimensions 840/515/1170 1120/620/1160 1270/695/1200
Weight(kg) 300 400 450
Capacity min4 max 24 kg dough min8 max55kg dough min12 max 80kg dough
Consumption(kW) 1,8 3,8 5