Rotor Oven LFR

Rotor Oven  LFR
It is a modern combined design. Broad and entirely made of acid-proof metal plates, with a baking chamber adapted to the standard 60x80 baking trolley. Alternatively, 60x90 plates may be used (with standard 18 shelves in the baking trolley), enabling enlargement of the baking area by over 1 m2. The trolley is powered from above by a solid and reliable reducer set. The shape of the trolley's fixing element makes it easy to hang and take it off. The heat exchanger is made entirely of heat-resisting steel, guaranteeing long life. The fact that the steam generator is mounted directly on heat exchanger, means that obtained amount of steam may be adapted to various types of baking products. Last but not least is easy access to steam generator elements for periodical cleaning. The oven may be used specially to bake French loafs, croissants, rolls, and other kinds of wheat bread. Hot air inside the baking chamber moves slowly, ensuring that products are not excessively dried, as happens in some such ovens. Simple and easy adjustment of louvers in the baking chamber may be used to achieve even distribution of temperature all over the chamber.

The oven may be heated with an oil or gas burner (RIELLO burners are used as a standard). In the LFR N 6/8 oven, the burner is mounted in the front. In special cases, it is possible to create an oven with the burner located in the back area version LFR NP 6/8. Also, the oven may be electric LFR E 6/8.
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Models LFR N 6/8 LFR N 6/8
Dimensions 2090/1440/2300 1350/2040/2300
Weight(kg) 1620 1620
Capacity 18 trays 60/80 18 trays60/80
Area 8,6 8,6
Consumption(kW) 1,5 48