Rounder MPC 1

Rounder  MPC 1
Ideal for rounding both soft and medium doughs. The rolling effects is achieved by means of a cone that, while rotating, rolls the dough along a concave spiral-shaped way, and enables production of spheric loaves. It could be equipped with a hot/cold air ventilation system, so that you can easly process wet dough too, by simply and slightly drying the dough surfece. Fitted with automatic flour-sprinkler. The channels are teflon-coated to help dough slide, thus ensuring easiest operation.

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Models MPC1 MPC 1 INOX
Dimensions 102/160/196 102/160/196
Weight(kg) 96 102
Capacity from 100 to 1000 gr 1500 pcs./h from 100 to 1000 gr 1500 pcs./h
Consumption(kW) 0,3 0,3
Others   This model is made entirely from stainless steel