Rounder ZS

Rounder  ZS
Conical dough rounder is designed for rounding of wheat dough and mixed dough pieces with weight ranging from 0,4 kg to 1,5 kg.
Before rounding, the dough piece is transported by the divider conveyor to the o­ne of the inlets of the shaping trough. Rolling down between the trough and the cone, dough pieces are gaining a ball-like shape. From the shaping trough the dough piece moves to the chute.
For the best rounding results the rye flour content of the mixed dough should not exceed 30%. Efficiency of the rounding process depends mostly o­n the rotational speed of the shaping cone. Regarding this dependence the conical rounder has been equipped with the rotational speed smooth adjustment.
Another feature of the machine is the air blower, which may provide the rounder also with the hot air stream.
Conical rounder may be used as an unit of the dividing-rounding set or as a part of the complete line for wheat bread production.

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Models ZS
Dimensions 1150/1065/1465
Weight(kg) 370
Capacity 3000 pcs/h
Consumption(kW) 3,45