Rounder CO1600V

Rounder  CO1600V
Ideal for rounding both soft and medium doughs. The rolling effects is achieved by means of a cone that, while rotating, rolls the dough along a concave spiral-shaped way, and enables production of spheric loaves. It could be equipped with a hot/cold air ventilation system, so that you can easly process wet dough too, by simply and slightly drying the dough surfece. Fitted with automatic flour-sprinkler. The channels are teflon-coated to help dough slide, thus ensuring easiest operation. The regulation of the distance of the channels from the cone allows to obtain non only the same precise form from 30 gr. to 1600 gr., but also to calibrate the rounding force. Infact it is also possible, for each size, to obtain more or less tight pieces according to the distance setting of the channels from the cone. The capacity of rounding suc a wide range of sizes (30 gr. to 1600 gr.) enables this machine, with enormous saving, to replace two fixed cone machines (one for smollers sizes at to 500; the second for larger sizes up to 1600 gr.)

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Models CO1600V
Dimensions 102/160/196
Weight(kg) 96
Capacity from 30 to 1600 gr 1500 pcs/h
Consumption(kW) 0,3