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Hydraulically controlled machine, quick and silent, suitable for the cutting of doughs for rolls and cakes. The pressure is regulated according to the
type of dought and processing; a timer makes possible the stretching out of tougher doughs. The machine stops after the completion of each work cycle to avoid overheating of the hydraulic unit. Essential mechanical organs accessible for the rapid and efficient cleaning, in fact the machine is almost maintenance- free. Electrical parts are insulated separate from all other components. The self-cleaning bowl and knives are in stainless steel

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Models MSE MSE37M MSE19
Dimensions 54/62/116 54/62/116 54/62/116
Weight(kg) 210 244 244
Capacity 37pcs min 30 max 130gr 37pcs min 40 max 150gr 19pcs min 90 max 300gr
Consumption(kW) 0,75 0,75 0,75