Divider SMT 8,8A,15,15A,20,20A,30,30A

Divider  SMT 8,8A,15,15A,20,20A,30,30A
This is manual pressure divider.Pieces sizes depend by the model. Models prefixed with A are for table use, the others are for special plate.

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Models SMT8A SMT15 SMT20 SMT20A SMT30
Dimensions 15/79/80 50/60/100 75/79/154 15/79/154 50/60/100
Weight(kg) 134 170 146 134 170
Capacity 8pcs. min 100 max 1000gr 15pcs. min 50 max 200gr 20pcs. min 45 max 400gr. 20pcs. min 45 max 400gr 30pcs. min 30 max 100gr