Interm. proofer IP

Interm. proofer  IP
The automatic prefermentation room produced by MAC.PAN completes the automatic plants for long loaves, round bread, tin bread production, the room being synchronized with the other machines to receive the dough pieces which must rest with a controlled prefermentation. It can be visualized as a wide continuos conveyor with single pocket frames working inside the structure in a air-conditioned environment in which two humidity gauges adjust automatically the humudity rate inside the room while a thermostat controls and adjusts the temperature. The control board consists of an electronic circuit in low tension (24 V.). The motor is controlled by the same circuit. A photocell system controls the dough pieces entry, while the discharge is automatic and happens according to the coupled machine and the wished production. The automatic prefermentation room serie IP is produced in the standard models with 168/224, 224/308, 312/416, 416/572 pockets for dough pieces from 200 to 1250 gr. Each room can discharge in two different moments. TECHNICAL CARACTERISTICS: Continuous rest for from 4 to 22 minutes. Electronic piece counter with digital readout. Infra red photoelectric cell to prevent double entry. An electric system which is protected by thermal-magnet counter. Right and left hand exit. It can be adapted to any work system. Installed power 0,75 Hp. An optional folding table with conveyor belt for long or round loaves. The machine may be adjusted to the requirements of the operator.

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Models IP168/224 IP224/308 IP312/416 IP416/572
Dimensions 250/115/200 250/115/200 250/115/200 250/115/200
Weight(kg) 750 750 825 900
Capacity 224 pcs. from 200 to 650 gr and 168pcs from 600 to 1250gr 308 pcs. max 650 gr and 224pcs. max 1250gr 416pcs max 650 gr and 312pcs. max 1250gr 572 бр до 650 гр и 416 до 1250 гр
Consumption(kW) 1,39 1,8 1,39 1,8