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Deck oven  MIWE
Deck oven MIWE SOLD!  

Electrick deck oven 8 sq.m. For baking bread and confectionery. The oven is with 4 decks with capacity 8 trays 40/60 on every deck. There is a ste ...
Deck oven  MIWE 5 levels
Deck oven MIWE 5 levels SOLD!  

5 deck oven from MIWE. manufactured in 2006. Elko gas burner and aspiration. 10 sq. m
Dough mixer  DIOSNA
Dough mixer DIOSNA SOLD!  

Spiral dough mixer with fixed bowl. For mixing all types of dough. Minimal flour amount 4kg, maximum amount 70kg. Timer for slow and fast speed se ...

Mixer from KERIPAR, 40l, fully recycled
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